What are High End Stock Images and Where Can You Download Them?

What are high end stock images? If you have been in the stock photo industry for a long time now, you may have already heard about premium stock photos. Unlike typical stock photos, they are of superior quality and higher price. Here are other qualities of a high end stock photo:

·         A premium stock image stand outs from the crowd.

·         It has a higher production value than a regular image.

·         It is more artistic and unique.

·         It represents niche topics in the most innovative way.

These are some of the reasons why premium images are more expensive than regular stock images. They simply add value to your creative projects.

Where can you get high end stock images?

There are a number of stock photo sites in the market and all of them promise high quality images. However, only a few offer premium stock images. Two of these premium stock agencies are Photocase and Stock Photo Secrets.

Photocase is a successful and well-establish premium stock agency. Based in Berlin, they have been in the industry for over 15 years. They have a superb collection of high end images with the maximum level of uniqueness. They put special focus on curation to provide creative professionals with superior images.

Pricing: Purchase images on-demand or through credits with Photocase. Credits are like a prepaid system. You load up your account to download stock photos. The larger the pack you buy, the bigger the discount. When you purchase images from the stock site, you are also buying the right to use them in multiple projects, including social media posts.

The best seller in Photocase is the standard size image at $15 per photo. It is ideal for mid and large scale usage online, and for small and mid-sized prints.

Stock Photo Secrets is a stock photo agency backed by industry expert, Amos Struck. They boast over 5 million handpicked premium royalty free images that you can download in various sizes. They also offer extended license image packs if you wish to enjoy more print runs and to use the images in merchandise for sale.

Pricing: At Stock Photo Secrets, you can purchase images in two ways: image packs and subscription plans. The most popular plan today is the 99 Club offer, which lets you download 200 XXL images per year. You can also opt for image packs if you wish to download images anytime you need them.

The 99 Club, as the name suggest, costs $99. But, it comes with 200 XXL images without download limits. You can even download additional images for as low as $0.99 each.

Both Photocase and Stock Photo Secrets are great high end stock images sources. Both also offer affordable pricing and plans. Whichever you choose as your primary image source, you are a sure winner!


Premium stock images are not only about location and setting. They are about capturing the right moment. The above stock sites have captured the emotions that instantly communicate concepts. They feature relevant, saleable and modern stock photography that is worth paying a high price for.